“Good for all sides”

One of the three major traditional merchants in Japan is the Omi merchant. It is also called Omi’s millionaire carrying balance pole, and it is said that it is a wealthy merchant who built a fortune from a single balance pole.

The Omi merchant’s business philosophy has the saying of “Good for three sides”.
The idea is “good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for the society.”

When thinking about what business is, I don’t think we can leave this spirit behind. Here, I would like to add another sprit “good for the future”.

In other words, our company inherits its responsibility to the future, and the goal must be to make all the people involved happy. In the process of aiming for the goal of happiness, the joy of providing good services and/or products, the spirit of respecting the encounter of people, the time to share the exciting moments with the people involved, and the time for each person to develop himself/herself with full of healthy spirit, and such must be financially affluent and wealthy at the same time.

I believe that what triggers the fulfilment of these is the spirit of “Good for all sides” released in all four directions, and I would like to make it the business philosophy of our company.