Company setup procedure:

1. You request for company registration
2. Our team gives you more information about procedures and sends you the invoices
3. You complete the payment
4. Our team sends you all required documents to be signed
5. You sign the documents and send them back to Hong Kong
6. Our team finalize the legal procedure
7. Completion of company registration → open company bank account

It is possible to register a company only by mail, but it is necessary to come to Hong Kong in person when opening a bank account in Hong Kong. This is because the bank needs an interview with the client in person to prevent money laundering. In recent years, bank screening has become very strict, and it is necessary to submit a solid business plan to open an account in some cases.

If the bank you use in Japan has a Hong Kong branch (e.g.メガバンク), you may be able to open an account in Japan. Please let us know as we will contact the Hong Kong branch of the bank.

Hong Kong Company Setup Service Fee

HKD 19000 + Business Registration Fee (The fee amount various every year. Approximately HKD 250 ~ HKD 2,250)

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