What are the costs for company setup?

There are company establishment cost, registration fee, secretary service cost, company address rental fee, etc.
Please contact us for pricing details ⇒ [email protected]

How long does it take to set up a company?

There are two types of company setup in Hong Kong.

① Establishing a company from scratch → usually completed in 2 to 2.5 weeks after submitting all required documents

② E-corporation → usually completed in 2-3 days *

* Shelf company, pre-established by agent in advance, can be transferred to you with the company name of your choice very quickly. Since the company is pre-established, the original ownership information remains on record.

What documents need to be prepared for setting up a company?

We will ask you to prepare for the passports copy and address proof from all of directors & share holders.

Following documents will be accepted as the address proof :
– Driving License
– Utility bill (water, electricity, gas fee etc.)
– Bank statement

If you can provide us International driving license, it would be easier to process.

How many directors and shareholders can we register?

There are no particular restrictions. However, when you open a bank account, basically it is required all of shareholders who are 10% or more to come to the bank for interview. In addition, it is possible to add directors and shareholders after establishment.

(If the directors or shareholders are corporations, please contact us. Click here for enquiries.)

What kind of fee does it include of “Company Secretary”?

It is the cost of communication, handling, or labor costs for managing your company.

Is it required to come to Hong Kong to set up a company?

No need to come to Hong Kong for company registration, only to open a bank account.
We can start the process to open a bank even not finished the company registration.

How much costs for accounting and auditing?

As it’s totally depends on quantity of your accounting documents, business style or business transactions, we need to have these your information.

When is the first audit after company registration?

You can set on your company’s year end within 15 months from the date of incorporation. After the first auditing, you need to do every 12 months.

How much will be charged as a consulting fee?

Free of charge.  Feel free to contact us.

Is it possible to change the existing company name?

Yes, it is.
Please contact us about the process and fee from the “enquiry form”.


If you have more questions, please contact us directly.

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